N. B. Santa Monica

I heard about Hoffman Insurance Partners through a friend, after struggling helplessly with trying to find my way through the maze of our healthcare system.  I kept getting contradictory information from everyone I called, and no one seemed to know their tail from their head.  Then I called Debbie, and she immediately put me at ease.  She knows the system like the back of her hand.  She and Kari are both incredibly helpful, kind, and responsive, and they ultimately helped me get the best coverage I could get with no further stress on my end.  Even when some formidable wrinkles came up in the process, they took care of it and allowed me to focus on my own workload instead, which I greatly appreciated.  I recommend Hoffman Insurance Partners to anyone who would like to bypass all the headaches and heartaches of the application process and have compassionate professionals take care of it for you.  Debbie and Kari are the best!