ANTHEM pulling out of the individual market in most of CA

Not sure if your plan will be affected?  Click here to download Anthem’s FAQ.

2018 Medicare & You Booklet


BUY SELL AGREEMENTS – Why do you need a Buy Sell Agreement?

Think of a Buy Sell Agreement as a ‘will’ or ‘Pre-Nup’ for your business.  Whether you have partners or are a sole proprietor, you should consider having a Buy/Sell Agreement in place.  Where do I come in?  It can funded with insurance products, yippie!  Click here to download a white paper on Buy/Sell Agreements.



Who really wants to spend an afternoon preparing for a disaster?  I’d much rather be enjoying the beach!  However, my family and friends went through Katrina and it taught me a lot.  At the least, have these on hand and make it portable enough to take with you should you need to evacuate quickly.


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