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California Bans Short-Term Insurance

This is a very sore subject with us!  California legislatures BANNED ‘short term’ health plans.  Not regulated them, BANNED them!  Did I wake up in Russia or what?  They are now putting many people in an ridiculously awful situation.  Pay double their mortgage for health insurance premiums or go without ANY kind of health insurance!  How is that serving ‘all the people’?  Short of discussing universal health care (which could take a very long time and we can do another blog about that), we have people that will have serious issues and this needs to be fixed ASAP!  WE NEED HELP! 

We understand what they are trying to do.  If they FORCE everyone into traditional insurance, then the premiums would decrease for everyone.  Sounds good in concept but #1 problem, most healthy young people are choosing NOT to buy traditional insurance and there is pretty much NOTHING we can do about it at this point so everyone’s premiums skyrocketed. #2 problem?  The insurance companies MUST cover pre-existing conditions with no limit.  So if younger, healthy people aren’t getting in and all you have is most sick people, what happens to the premiums?  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out.  


Our CA legislatures did not think about certain segments of our population that are being severely punished by their action.  The 1st problematic scenario is this, premiums have doubled or tripled for people that have income over the limits set by the government for a subsidy (financial help from the government with their premiums and/or benefits), the middle class and they cannot afford the premiums any longer.  Many times it’s DOUBLE their mortgage especially in the Los Angeles, San Diego or the San Francisco area.  They would normally be paying through the nose for health insurance premiums ($4,500/mo for a family of four or $1,500/mo for a single person in a Silver PPO plan).  Last year, many decided to go commando and not have any insurance at all.  Enter ‘short term’ plans (some call them skinny plans).  They do not follow ACA guidelines (affectionately known as ObamaCare) and their premiums more affordable than the plans that do follow ACA guidelines.  At least they were covered for some things instead of nothing at all, right?  And yes, just like traditional insurance, some short term plans are better than others.  

The 2nd problematic scenario?  We have a large population of people that are US citizens that live abroad.  They do come back to the US for visits however because they spend 99% of the time in another country, they do not have traditional ACA compliant insurance while living abroad.  We used to be able to pick up a ‘short term’ plan for the couple weeks while they were in CA.  Now, thanks to this legislation, there is NO OPTION FOR THEM EITHER!  So if something medically happens to either of these groups of people, they will have to spend down ALL their assets and possibly declare bankruptcy.  These are good, hard working, middle class people that are being put in an AWFUL position.

We hear ‘experts’ saying that ALL ‘short term’ plans are horrible.  That’s not the case!  Because we pride ourselves on leaving no stone unturned to put our clients in a better health and wealth position, we sourced out some very good short-term plans for clients that would have gone UNINSURED because the premiums were so high for them. 

Here’s the other issue.  Losing a ‘short term’ plan didn’t qualify as a ‘Special Circumstance’ to obtain a regular ACA compliant plan, even if they wanted to go back to one.  So they were left, literally hanging!  So there was a glimmer of good news today (albeit, very small glimmer).  This just released from Covered CA, they will allow a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for consumers who will be affected by this ban.   They will have 60 days following the last day of their short-term coverage to enroll in a Covered CA health plan.  The last lawful ‘short term’ plan in California will expire on March 31, 2019, therefore the last possible day to enroll in a Covered CA health plan for consumers affected by this ban will be May 30, 2019.

We do have a few solutions remaining so call us if you’re in this predicament too.  And while you’re at it, call your CA State legislator!

Hoffman Insurance Resources is an independent insurance brokerage agency specializing in Medicare and individual/family health plans.  We are contracted with over 40 companies, Covered CA certified and Medicare certified with 13 carriers.  Physically located in the Los Angeles area, we are also contracted in many states throughout the country.  We pride ourselves on doing what’s right for our clients (whether we make money or not), educating you, being your advocate after the sale and exceeding your expectations. We accept only the insurance company commissions so there are NO extra charges for our assistance and guidance.  From ObamaCare through MediCare…we truly Care!  Check out our reviews on Yelp and Google 🙂

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Self-Employed in CA? Protect yourself against a short term disability or pregnancy!

Are you self-employed in CA?  Thinking about starting a family or wondering what would happen if you had surgery and couldn’t work?  How would your lifestyle be affected if your Mom or Dad fell ill and you had to care for them?  For most self-employed people, no work…no pay…no way to pay bills, YIKES!  Therefore, if you want to protect your lifestyle, you must have short and long term disability help replace your paycheck.  We insure our car and homes, yet most don’t think of insuring our paychecks.

Be prepared in advance!

CA is one of the few states that offer a State Disability program.  Most people know if you receive a W2, you pay into SDI on your paycheck.  But most people don’t realize that it’s available to self-employed people too!   Disability Insurance Elective Coverage (DIEC) program may be eligible for Disability Insurance (DI) AND Paid Family Leave (PFL) benefits.  All you need to do is apply and pay quarterly premiums to EDD.  Here’s a snapshot:

  • DIEC is protection against loss of income due to injury, pregnancy, or illness…whether or not it is work-related. 
  • Up to 39 weeks of benefits for your own disability.
  • Automatic coverage in PFL, which provides up to six weeks of benefits in a 12-month period to care for a seriously ill child, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, grandchild, sibling, spouse, or registered domestic partner, or to bond with a new child.
  • The weekly benefit amounts are the same for DI and PFL claims. For calendar year 2018, the DIEC minimum weekly benefit amount is $50 and the maximum weekly benefit amount is $1,216, depending on what you report on your taxes.
  • Must be able to provide an IRS Schedule SE.

One of our clients is a self-employed attorney.  She wanted to start a family therefore we advised her to begin paying into DIEC the year before she delivered.  She reported her entire annual salary in the last quarter of the year.  Since your benefits are based on the ‘highest quarter’ of the last 12 months, her weekly benefits were higher than if she would have spread out her income throughout the year.

For more information about DIEC, visit www.Go2HIR.com and click on the Resources tab for DIEC application and more info!

Avoid having to break the bank to pay for Medicare!

We see this ALL the time!  A client comes to us when they are turning 65 or ready to terminate their employer group plan.  Since we educate our clients, we help them to figure out how much their Medicare premiums will be.  Many times, our clients’ jaws hit the floor when we tell them what they will be paying.  “But but but…I’m retiring and my income will be dramatically lower!”, is usually their response.  Weeeelllll, Social Security and Medicare can care less about that little tidbit of info.  What they look at is – what was your income TWO 2 years ago!  The next response is, “OMG…that’s when our CPA and financial planner advised us to sell our rental property!  And the next year, they suggested we convert our IRA to a Roth IRA!”.   Yikes!!  My guess is, the next conversation with those two professionals won’t go very well :/   
Affectionately known as IRMAA, the Income Related Medical Adjustment Amount will be assessed on your Part B (Doctors/Outpatient) AND your Part D (Drugs) until you can PROVE your Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) is lower.  Poor IRMAA…NO ONE WANTS TO DATE IRMAA!  There are ways to avoid and eliminate IRMAA but you may have to pay higher costs until you can prove your income is lower.  Many times, that may be till you file your taxes the next year.  Unless you plan, you may be paying significantly higher rates for up to one year 🙁
For most people, here’s how it works:
1)  Look at Line 37 of your personal tax return. That’s your AGI.
2)  For your MAGI (good to check with your CPA for you exact MAGI), there are a lot of items to add back in but the two main ones that we see are:
  • Untaxed social security
  • Tax-exempt interest/dividends

3)  Go to:  https://debbiehoffman.com/medicareplans/   Scroll down for the IRMAA charts.  Find your tax filing situation and you’ll easily what your IRMAA can possibly be.

How can you avoid or minimize IRMAA?  During the 1 – 3 years before enrolling into Medicare:

  • THREE (3) years before you go onto Medicare:
    • Sell any property that will incur a capital gains.
    • Be finished converting IRA’s to ROTH IRA’s by this year.
  • TWO (2) years before you go onto Medicare:
    • Contribute as much as possible to your retirement accounts.
    • If your earnings are very high and you contribute the maximum to your retirement accounts, check with your financial planner and CPA about selling some assets at a loss during both years before applying for Medicare.
    • Consider buying rental property.  Normally, you can count on the depreciation and expenses to fix up the property which many times will give you a loss during the first few years.  AND the loss appears on the front page of your 1040 which lowers your MAGI!
    • Consider starting a business.  Many times, you’ll have a loss those first few years with start-up costs and it can offset your earnings.
    • Consider holding off starting your Social Security benefits until your income will be lower.
    • If you have a lot of tax-exempt interest, consider moving those into a financial vehicle that can ‘defer’ the interest (a deferred annuity).

If there is no way to avoid it, when you can PROVE your income will be lower, file a reconsideration form with Social Security.  When the time comes, file your taxes asap and run (don’t walk) to your local Social Security office with your taxes in hand and this form:  https://www.ssa.gov/forms/ssa-44.pdf.  Social Security will then adjust your Part B and Part D premiums to your normal MAGI.

Is your head about ready to explode?  No worries!   Just call us and we easily walk you through what to do.  Better yet, have your CPA and financial planner call us and we’ll all work on together for you 🙂  Remember to reach out to us at AGE 62 or 3 years from when you will be applying for Medicare so we can really work our magic!


Hoffman Insurance Resources



By calling the number listed on this page, you will be reaching a licensed insurance agent.  Debbie Hoffman and Melinda Gann are not connected with the Federal Medicare program.

Additional Counties in CA Added to the Special Election Period for Medicare!

Additional counties in California will have a Special Election Period (SEP) available for Medicare beneficiaries affected by the California wildfires.  *FEMA declared an emergency or major disaster for the following counties:

New counties added as of Dec. 8, 2017*:

-Los Angeles
-San Diego
-Santa Barbara

Counties previously issued with an SEP:


Special Election Period Overview

The wildfires in California have caused and continue to cause disruption. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has extended a SEP to Medicare beneficiaries affected by the fires. The SEP runs from the start of the incident through Dec. 31, 2017.

Who is eligible?

Any beneficiary who resides in, or resided in, an area for which the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) declared an emergency or major disaster (see www.fema.gov/disasters) is eligible for the SEP, if the beneficiary was unable to enroll in a plan during another qualifying election period. In addition, beneficiaries who do not live in the impacted areas but receive assistance from someone living in one of the affected areas also qualify for this SEP.

What does this mean for Medicare beneficiaries?

Eligible beneficiaries who were unable to make a plan selection during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) have until Dec. 31, 2017, to enroll in a 2018 plan. Eligible beneficiaries who wish to change their health and/or prescription drug plan, but were unable to do so during the Annual Enrollment Period (Oct. 15, 2017-Dec. 7, 2017), will now have until Dec. 31, 2017, to enroll in a 2018 plan. Enrollments taken between Dec. 8 and Dec. 31, 2017, are effective Jan. 1, 2018.
Eligible beneficiaries who were eligible for a different SEP, or aged into Medicare, but were unable to enroll during the allotted time period, will have their election period extended. Eligible beneficiaries who had/have a qualifying election period (e.g., aged into Medicare, are aging into Medicare or are qualified for a different SEP) but were unable to enroll in a plan during the allotted time, have until Dec. 31, 2017, to enroll. Enrollments received are effective the first day of the following month. For example, if a beneficiary aged into Medicare and had until Aug. 31, 2017, to enroll but was unable to complete the enrollment process, the beneficiary can enroll now. If the beneficiary enrolls Oct. 28, 2017, the beneficiary’s plan will be effective Nov. 1, 2017.

What is needed as proof the beneficiary was affected by an affected area?

If the beneficiary is unable to provide proof that they reside in an affected area, the beneficiary just needs to verbally attest that they lived/live in an area impacted by the wildfires.


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has extended a Special Election Period (SEP) to Medicare beneficiaries affected by the wildfires in CA. The SEP runs till Dec. 31, 2017.

Who is eligible?

Any beneficiary who resides in, or resided in, an area for which the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has declared an emergency or major disaster (see www.fema.gov/disasters or the list below*) is eligible for the SEP, if the beneficiary was unable to enroll in a plan during another qualifying election period. In addition, beneficiaries who do not live in the impacted areas but receive assistance from someone living in one of the affected areas also qualify for this SEP.

*FEMA declared an emergency or major disaster for the following counties:

  • Butte
  • Lake
  • Mendocino
  • Napa
  • Nevada
  • Orange
  • Solano
  • Sonoma
  • Yuba

What does this mean for beneficiaries?

Normally, Medicare beneficiaries only have till December 7th to make changes to their Part C (Medicare Advantage) or Part D (Drug) plans.  Eligible beneficiaries who are unable to make a plan selection during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) have until Dec. 31, 2017, to enroll in a 2018 Plan.  Enrollments taken between Dec. 8th and Dec. 31st 2017, will be effective Jan. 1st 2018.


  • Individuals must show proof that the beneficiary resided in an affected area (e.g., driver’s license or utility bill reflecting the beneficiary’s address).
  • If the beneficiary is unable to provide proof, ask the beneficiary if they attest that they lived/live in an area impacted by the wildfires.
  • Once eligibility is verified, the application can proceed.
  • Only paper applications can be used. Use the SEP election type code on the application, and write in ‘Weather Related Emergency’ or ‘Fire’.

If you are not sure if you fall under these guidelines, give us a call and we can check for you – 323.455.4961.

Social Security 2018 COLA increase. Will you see an increase in your check?

Hot dog!  We finally have a Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment increase!  Social Security announced that beneficiaries should receive a whopping 2% increase for 2018.  If you are receiving $1,500/mo, that equates to a $30 monthly increase.  But hold the phone…will you REALLY see that entire increase in your check?  Don’t spend all that money yet!

Many Social Security beneficiaries may not receive their raise!

About 70% of people who are receiving both Medicare and Social Security, have been protected from rising Medicare Part B increases by something called the “hold harmless” clause.  Basically, the ‘hold harmless’ clause ensures that existing Medicare members don’t see their Part B premiums increase more than their Social Security COLA raise.  Therefore, Social Security’s 2017 raise of 0.3%, kept Part B premiums from rising by more than 0.3% in 2017 for this group of beneficiaries.

2018 Part B premiums haven’t been announced yet but aren’t expected to increase much higher than 2017.  Those who’ve been protected by ‘hold harmless’ could see some, or all, of their raise gobbled up by Medicare Part B in order to “catch them up” for the lower premiums they’ve paid in recent years.

Medicare and ObamaCare (Individual and Family) Annual Open Enrollment

Are you overwhelmed with the ads on TV about your health insurance plan options?  Is your table piling up with mail from every insurance company and agent?  The reason is, it’s Open Enrollment time for Medicare and Individual/Family (affectionately known as ObamaCare).  This is the period where you can switch plans or enroll into a new Part C (Medicare Advantage Plan) and Part D (Part D Plan) OR individual/family health insurance plan.  Here are the dates:

MEDICARE – October 15th – December 7th

INDIVIDUAL/FAMILY – CA, October 15th – January 15th (depending on your State – some are from Nov 1st – Dec 15th)

What to look for?  All plans seem to change something, especially the drug formulary (the list of medications they cover and which Tier they’re covered on). Look at your ANOC (Annual Notice of Change) booklet that you recently received (or call your Plan if you haven’t received it yet).  The first few pages will tell you what is changing in your Plan for the next year. There are also new Plans that are created each year and research needs to be done to see if there is another Plan that may offer you better benefits.   Many Medicare Advantage Plans offer extra benefits like chiropractic, acupuncture, vision, hearing, dental or gym memberships.  If you feel your Plan is good for you next year, there is nothing to do.  It will simply roll over.

Look for the ‘Star Ratings’ of the Medicare Plans also.  Medicare gives an overall rating of the Plan’s quality and performance for the types of services each plan offers.  For plans covering health services, this is an overall rating for the quality of many medical/health care services that fall into 4 and 5 different categories.  From my experience, there is a reason a Plan gets a low rating so BEWARE!                                         

Medicare uses a 5 Star Rating

This is also the time for those that are uninsurable (maybe in a nursing home or just diagnosed with cancer, etc.) to possibly obtain ‘guaranteed issue‘ into a MediGap supplement plan. If ANY benefit in your Medicare Advantage Plan increased by 15% or was eliminated, a window opens for you to go back to original Medicare (Part A & B) and obtain a MediGap Supplement (with NO insurable questions asked) and a stand alone Part D Plan (for drugs).   With this option, it gives you the choice to see ANY Provider that accepts Medicare, no referral needed!  It comes in handy if you want to go to a skilled nursing facility of your choice or have a surgery from a particular Surgeon.  

If your loved ones or neighbors are on Medicare, please help them.  Many times, they stay on the same Plan because they just don’t know who to turn to.  You can make a huge difference in their lives by having them to call us!

So what’s a person to do?  You can do your own research by going to Medicare.gov/Healthcare.gov OR reach out to an independent insurance broker/agent such as ourselves.  Imagine if you could put your head on your pillow tonight, knowing all this was behind you and you knew you made the right choice!  That’s what WE do for you!  We conduct a thorough search and will let you know if your Plan is right one or if you should look at other options.  The icing on the cake…there is no extra charge for our services!  How do we get paid?  If another Plan is better and we’re able to enroll you, we receive a commission from the insurance company.   If you’re on the best plan, we’ll let you know that too!  Make sure the person you are working with is REALLY independent and represents MANY companies.  We have come across many agents that are independent, however they are only Medicare certified with one or two companies :/   At Hoffman Insurance Resources, we are contracted with over 40 companies and Medicare certified with 13 carriers.  YOU’RE best interest is our interest, whether we get compensated or not.  If that wasn’t enough, we’re here for you AFTER we enroll your plan.  We’re your advocate and can help with everything from getting another ID card to helping with a bill you don’t understand.  Check out our Yelp and Google reviews.  Our clients are amazing and very giving  of their stories.  We’re sure one or two will resonate with your situation.  Your only assignment is to reach out to us early because it gets quite busy during the last week of Open Enrollment and our time is extremely limited.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hoffman Insurance Resources is an independent insurance brokerage agency specializing in Medicare and individual/family health plans.  We are contracted with over 40 companies, Covered CA certified and Medicare certified with 13 carriers.  Physically located in the Los Angeles area, we are also contracted in many states throughout the country.  We pride ourselves on doing what’s right for our clients (whether we make money or not), educating you, being your advocate after the sale and exceeding your expectations. We accept only the insurance company commissions so there are NO extra charges for our assistance and guidance.  From ObamaCare through MediCare…we truly Care!  Check out our reviews on Yelp and Google 🙂

Debbie@Go2HIR.com      323.455.4961      www.Go2HIR.com    https://www.facebook.com/hoffmaninsuranceresources


THIS IS GREAT NEWS!! Medicare ID Card Changes a’coming!

Did you know the number of identity theft victims age 65 or older increased from 2.1 million in 2012 to 2.6 million in 2014?  In fact, thieves consider your Medicare number and other protected health information more valuable than credit card information because people can reuse them to bill Medicare for services that you didn’t get.  When people steal your identity and bill Medicare for items or services you didn’t get, it drives up costs for everyone.

Starting in April 2018, Medicare is replacing the Social Security-based Medicare number with a new Medicare number, and will mail you a new Medicare card with your new number.   FINALLY!!  You don’t have to do anything to get your new card and new number.  Be aware, I’m sure there will be thieves that will try to take advantage of this change so if someone calls you and asks for your Medicare number, hang up!  Medicare will NEVER call you and ask for personal information for you to get your new card so if someone calls you, it’s a scam.  Please let your loved ones on Medicare know of the changes and of the possible scams that will arise.
Remember, the first and best line of defense against fraud is you. You can help fight Medicare fraud in 2 simple steps:
1)  Protect your Medicare number—treat it like you treat your credit card number.  If fact, if your Doctors office already has a copy of your Medicare card, make a color copy and put your original away with your social security card.  Cut out the first 5 digits of the color copy and laminate it.  Carry the copy with you instead of the original.
2)  Check your Medicare statement for errors, like equipment or services you never got.  Many of my clients have had this happen.  Report it to Medicare and they’ll investigate it for you.
Resource:  https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/New-Medicare-Card/index.html

Tummy on Fire?

Reading one of my clients blogs, prompted me to expand on this subject since it’s so common. I highly recommend her blog also: http://www.forbetterorwhat.com/2016/11/tummy-trouble.html

As an insurance agent with hundreds of clients, I hear it almost every day – clients having tummy problems and are taking way too many antacids or the doctors are prescribing proton pump inhibitors (PPI’s).  What I found with most of these clients is, the after effect of eliminating the acid in the stomach seem to cause food to not be digested and nutrients to not be absorbed which then seem to then lead to a multitude of problems and diseases which need more prescription drugs.  Yikes!  It’s like a hamster on a wheel!   I found an extremely effective treatment, and it’s completely natural!  It was sooo simple too…my green drink!  I will say, I’ve educated hundreds of people about this and there are a certain group of people that will ONLY do what their Doctors say and won’t even TRY solving the problem naturally.

Here’s my story, after landing in the hospital in 2014 with diverticulitis (and totally by accident), I found relief for my occasional heartburn (and now many of my clients).   I’m not a Doctor by any stretch of the means however, I wasn’t getting any guidance from the medical community.  They just threw up their hands and said they really don’t know what causes it and to ‘stay away from nuts and seeds’.  What?  I love almonds and berries and they are good for me.  I researched and logically deduced that MY diverticulitis was caused by an acidic and severely inflamed gut.  I needed to adopt anti-inflammatory and alkaline lifestyle but juicing is too cumbersome and expensive (I have no time for that anyway).  My gut needed to be alkalized, not neutralized and I had to find a way to accomplish this, easily and conveniently.  Now, whenever I eat something that causes acid discomfort, I drink 1/2 of my normal green drink.  Within a few minutes, it’s GONE!  And, I’m putting good stuff in my body vs. chemicals.  As a side note, my gums don’t bleed any longer, I’m less bloated and I have more energy than I did in my 20’s!  I also found a green drink with ancient wheat grass and nothing artificial, just amazing nutrients!  Drinking one/day makes me feel incredible along with giving my body the nutrients we sorely lack in our food system today (which will be another blog).   I have told my own Doctors about my story and they just stare at me blankly and go on to another subject.  It’s like they don’t even care about nutrition.  Is this what we’ve come to?  BTW, I still eat berries and almonds almost every day and have NOT had another episode of diverticulitis!


Don’t take my word for it.  Research for yourself!   I highly recommend getting Dave Sandoval’s book, ‘The Green Foods Bible’.  This is what he says about acid:  “Green foods are loaded with an abundance of digestive enzymes, and they promote friendly bacteria and neutralize excess acidity.”  “If you have been relying on an antacid to treat the symptoms of poor digestion, they may have dangerous side effects; they suppress the production of gastric juices for hours at a time, interfering with digestion. Ultimately, the diseases caused by toxic undigested food far exceed the discomfort of gas.  Once again, green foods are the answer.”   My future self is thanking me every day that I found Dave’s book.  I refer to it almost daily for myself and my clients. 

Don’t settle for chemicals if you can solve the problem naturally.  As always, reach out to me if you’d like to learn more about how to live well past 100 or have any insurance questions.  Also, the company that makes my green drink gave me gift cards to share for your initial order.  Let me know if you’d like to try it for yourself! 


Nothing in this article is intended to be medical advice or instructions for medical diagnosis or treatment. If you have, or think you may have, any illness or medical condition, please consult a doctor or other qualified professional. Always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional before starting or changing treatment. This article is based on personal experience and research, and no claim is made to accuracy or completeness.

Highlights of the Senate Healthcare Bill

The Senate health bill resembles the House health bill with a couple of changes. I’m sure there will be tons more changes before this passes. Here are some of the highlights:
-Eliminates ObamaCare’s mandate that every American carry insurance.
-The Senate also backs away from some last minute House concessions that would have allowed states to opt out of several protections for those with pre-existing conditions, but insurers would not be allowed to charge higher premiums to those with pre-existing conditions.
-Subsidies will continue for 2 years although they are coming up with a new formula to determine who gets a subsidy and who much. Fewer middle class folks would get help because only those earning up to 350% of the poverty level would qualify, rather than the 400% threshold contained in Obamacare.
-Eliminates the ‘Enhanced’ plan benefits.
-Loosens requirements in Obamacare that health plans all cover a basic set of benefits like no limits on coverage.
-Phases out Medicaid’s expansion program and caps Medicaid (MediCal in CA) spending. It basically puts the entire Medicaid program on a budget, ending the open-ended entitlement that now exists.
-Repeals, retroactively to the beginning of 2016, the “employer mandate,” which requires large employers to offer health insurance to workers or be fined.
-Repeals the 3.8 percent tax on net investment income, to the start of 2017.
-Strips Medicaid funds from Planned Parenthood clinics for one year.
-Health plans that offer abortion services would not be eligible for the subsidies.
The bill is likely to come to the Senate floor next week. They’d like to get it done before the 4th of July recess.
The Senate has 52 seats and the bill would have to pass by 50 with Vice President Mike Pence breaking the tie.  They may have already lost one vote — Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, has indicated that the bill is too liberal for him.